Illustration 3

here's another bounce of photo/drawings I like.

Alexey Titarenko (ther first on George Seurat's style)

Kris Kuksi

“A post-industrial Rococo master, Kris Kuksi obsessively arranges characters and architecture in asymmetric compositions with an exquisite sense of drama. Instead of stones and shells he uses screaming plastic soldiers, miniature engine blocks, towering spires and assorted debris to form his landscapes.The political, spiritual and material conflict within these shrines is enacted under the calm gaze of remote deities and august statuary. Kuksi manages to evoke, at once, a sanctum and a mausoleum for our suffocated spirit.” Guillermo Del Toro

Ryohei Hase (長谷亮平)

Jaroslaw Kukowski


...some more illustrations

 Laurie Lipton
comprare qui

Victor Rodriguez

Gabriel Moreno

Alyssa Monks

Atsushi Tani, 谷敦志

Michael Hussar

Saturno Buttò

Hiroshi Nonami, 野波浩

He's famous for me 'cause he's done on-myouza artwork and, expecially, the ZOE book of Luna Sea

Kurt Wenner


Some Illustrations....


here's his bigcartel

Justin Kamerer

I like it because seems a kind of John Dyer Baizley going in the rotten nature.

John-John Jesse

Is close to Suehiro Maruo but more punk and definitely less gore.

Rod Luff

strange fairytale world....

Michael Shapcott

Beautiful pencil and watercolours for a mix between Klimt and Jenny Saville.
see more pictures HERE

D.W. Frydendall

Dan Harding


Edith Lebeau

Mary Syring

other strange fairytales-addicted artist

David Jon Kassan

UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE hyper-realistic artist

Alex Roulette

other hyper-realistic artist but this time with interesting lights-effect from 70s....